How to use the Grater Plate


Garlic:  Because garlic is sticky by nature, moisten the grater surface with either oil or water to make grating the garlic easier. (You can also use the grater dish as a dipping bowl for bread: Just add oil, your favorite herbs and grated cheese to the garlic…YUM!)

Ginger:  Hold the root of the ginger at an angle and grate it by using back and forth movements. Once it starts to flatten out, rotate the ginger to the new edge and continue. You can grate ginger with or without the skin on. Just wash it first.

Peppers:  Cut a section of bell pepper and grate with the skin side up. The pepper pulp and juice is in the grater and the skin can be discarded.

Zesting:  Store the lemon, lime or orange in the freezer for two hours and the skin is hard and easy to grate. Use a moistened grater. The grater brush is essential to getting the zest out of the plate. Works best with a moistened plate.

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