Heart Peeler

Dual Blade Vegetable Peeler from Europe

COMPACT AND VERSATILE, the Heart Peeler™ features dual-blade technology so you can peel or julienne with one tool. German manufactured stainless steel blades ensure effortless peeling. With the julienne blade you can make oodles of “zoodles” — zucchini noodles — to substitute in your favorite pasta recipe.

INCLUDED STORAGE TRAY turns your peeler into a mini-mandolin. The tray also features a built-in fruit carving tool, as well as a grating surface for garlic and Parmesan cheese…perfect over zoodles!

FINGER GUARD A finger guard is included with the Heart Peeler to use the mandolin attachment safely and with confidence.


Utility tools are built into the sides of the peeler handle, and a large V-cut tool on the mandolin tray. These allow you to create various shapes with fruit and vegetables in seconds, for a fabulous presentation.


VIDEO #1: This video shows a variety of everyday uses for the Heart Peeler. From cucumbers to coleslaw, watch how to use the stand-alone peeler to peel, julienne and carve. You will learn how to assemble the base and handle into a mini-mandoline and to properly use the finger guard to process a wide variety of vegetables and fruit.

VIDEO #2: This video shows how to turn fruit and vegetables into a fabulous work of art using the Heart Peeler.  From a simple garnish with kiwi fruit, to elaborate radish “flowers”, you will be impressed how simple it is to create beautiful designs in seconds.