A quick stop at Publix with friends resulted in a revelation about figs. I grew up eating Fig Newtons, vaguely aware they were a healthier alternative to traditional cookies. Later, a friend introduced me to a fig jam taken with goat cheese atop crackers as an appetizer.

Today, I was introduced to dried figs in their natural skin. Wow! What an unexpected taste sensation…in a good way.

When my friend popped the lid on the plastic bin, I thought it contained dried prunes. (She was needing a little help moving things along.) When I saw they were figs I was curious, but not sure what to expect. Pure heaven.

Turns out figs, even dried ones, are very beneficial despite their luscious taste. (Yes, I have a bias: if it tastes good it probably is bad for you.)

As I am getting more serious about my health and making better food choices, it’s refreshing to know good taste does not preclude good nutrition.

Figs are full of fiber, high in potassium, calcium, magnesium and high in antioxidant vitamins A, E and K.

Check out this article for a full rundown of the health benefits of figs.

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